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Epson TM-C3400 printer
Epson TM-C3400 printer
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Epson TM-C3400

If you need graphics, two or full colour printing and a low cost of ownership, the C3400 is an ideal choice.

Colour labels on demand

Using long lasting pigment ink and a wide choice of media the C3400 will deliver 'on demand' colour labels in any environment:

In healthcare - print critical information in colour on patient wristbands, specimens and blood bags
In retail - use colour to promote in-store offers and create labels for accurate tracking
For events - print tickets, passes, wristbands and badges
Choose from various media

You can print on a variety of media - from 30mm to 112mm, up to 0.2mm thick and on fanfold format paper. Select from plain paper, fine paper, synthetic paper, PET film, receipt paper, continuous label paper and die-cut label paper. An auto-cutter comes as standard

Easy to use and integrate

Designed with the user in mind, the consumables can be effortlessly exchange and, with front operation, you can install the printer under the counter. Interface options include USB and Ethernet for easy integration with existing systems

Part numbers

C31CA26012  TM-C3400 ECW W/PSU + USB
C31CA26032  TM-C3400 ECW W/PSU + ETH

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