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Zebra 105sl Thermal Printer
Zebra 105sl Thermal Printer
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Zebra 105sl Thermal Printer

The 105SL offers flexible connectivity solutions including ZebraNet® Wireless Plus Print Server for 802.11b/g wireless connectivity that frees you to move or reconfigure the printer without costly recabling, plus ZebraNet 10/100 Print Server, which offers a complete wired solution for the 105SL when using 10Base-T, 100Base-TX, and fast Ethernet 10/100 auto-switching networks. And with the new ZebraNet™ Bridge, gain the efficiency of centralized printer management.

Zebra Part numbers:
10500-200E-0000  105SL 203DPI STD
10500-200E-0001  105SL 203DPI REFL MEDIA SNSR
10500-200E-0040  105SL 203DPI EU/UK RS422 RS485
10500-200E-0041  105SL 203DPI RS422/RS485 MS BLACKMARK MEDIA SENSOR
10500-200E-0070  105SL 203DPI ETH
10500-200E-0071  105SL 203DPI ETH REFL MEDIA SNSR
10500-200E-0170  105SL 203DPI PCMCIA PS
10500-200E-0400  105SL 203DPI WLESS 10/100
10500-200E-0401  105SL 203DPI ZNET WLESS REFL SNSR
10500-200E-0500  105SL 203DPI WLESS+
10500-200E-0600  105SL 203DPI INT WLESS+ ETH INCL WLESS CARD
10500-200E-0700  105SL 203DPI WLESS+ W/ WLESS CARD
10500-200E-0770  105SL 203DPI ETH INT WIRELESS+
10500-200E-1000  105SL 203DPI CUTTER
10500-200E-1001  105SL 203DPI CUTTER REFL MEDIA SNSR
10500-200E-1070  105SL 203DPI CUTTER INT ETH
10500-200E-1500  105SL 203DPI CUTTER WLESS
10500-200E-2000  105SL 203DPI RWD
10500-200E-2070  105SL 203DPI RWD INT ETH
10500-200E-2071  105SL 203DPI RWD INT ETH REFL MEDIA SNSR
10500-200E-2400  105SL 203DPI ZNET RWD PEEL WLESS 10/100
10500-200E-3000  105SL 203DPI PEEL OFF
10500-200E-3070  105SL 203DPI PEEL OFF INT ETH
10500-200E-3131  105SL 203DPI ZNET PEEL PCMCIA SNSR
10500-201E-0070  105SL 203DPI 64MB INT ETH PS
10500-201E-1000  105SL 203DPI 64MB CUTTER
10500-201E-2000  105SL2 8D REWIND 64M FLSH MEM
10500-201E-2070  105SL 203DPI 64MB RWD INT ETH
10500-201E-3000  105SL 203DPI 64MB PEEL OFF
10500-202E-0070  105SL 203DPI EU ZNET APL-I ETH
10500-300E-0000  105SL 300DPI STD
10500-300E-0001  105SL 300DPI REFL MEDIA SNSR
10500-300E-0070  105SL 300DPI INT ETH
10500-300E-0071  105SL 300DPI INT ETH REFL SNSR
10500-300E-0171  105SL 300DPI PCMCIA ETH REFL MEDIA SNSR
10500-300E-0500  105SL 300DPI WLESS+
10500-300E-0700  105SL 300DPI WLESS+ W/ WLESS CARD
10500-300E-1000  105SL 300DPI CUTTER
10500-300E-1001  105SL 300DPI CUTTER REFL MEDIA SNSR
10500-300E-1070  105SL 300DPI CUTTER INT ETH
10500-300E-2000  105SL 300DPI RWD
10500-300E-2070  105SL 300DPI RWD INT ETH
10500-300E-3000  105SL 300DPI PEEL OFF
10500-300E-3070  105SL 300DPI PEEL OFF INT ETH
10500-300E-3500  105SL 300DPI PEEL OFF WLESS+
10500-301E-0070  105SL 300DPI 64MB INT ETH
10500-301E-1070  105SL 300DPI 64MB CUT ETH STD
10500-301E-2070  105SL 300DPI 64 MB RWD INT ETH
10500-301E-3070  105SL 300DPI 64MB PEEL OFF INT ETH
1051Y-200E-0000  105SL 203DPI HEATED PRTHD
1051Y-200E-0070  105SL 203DPI 10/100
1051Y-300E-0000  105SL 300DPI HEATED PRTHD

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